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My name is Naomi. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2013, after years of struggling with highs and lows. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and often fancy myself wonder woman. I started this blog to reach out and support those with Bipolar Disorder and those who love and support them. Handling mental health issues while being in the military and now civilian workforce is hard. My journey may follow that of yours. You may be better off or struggling more but we are in this together. My hope is that these weekly blog updates help give you hope, relatable life experiences, information, and a good laugh from time to time. I am a goofball, very sarcastic, and haven’t much of a filter. I will probably use profanity in this blog on occasion.

Bipolar Disorder affects roughly 5.7 million people in the US but there isn’t a whole lot of support out there. This blog is intended to provide information, support, and help to those living with Bipolar Disorder and for those who love and support them. You are not alone!

After being diagnosed the real challenges came in the form of finding a good doctor who understood Bipolar Disorder, finding a good therapist, blood tests, and finally finding the right medication for me. All the information I could find out there on Bipolar Disorder was about the diagnosis, not how to move through life with it. After a longtime I decided to start being a voice for people who are living with this disorder and are seeking information and support. Please join me on this journey as we look into the living with Bipolar Disorder. Your comments are welcome. Be sure to check out my rules for commenting.

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