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Part of living a healthy life is getting your body moving. I am overweight and definitely need to get moving. Due to an injury, I am limited on what I am able to do. All I can do is my best and work within physical confinements to prevent further injuries. I started walking the neighborhood with my dog. He helps me not be so anxious about being out. Having a well trained support dog helps soothe the nerves while also making me feel safe. The neighborhood is roughly a half mile around. As long as I take my medication and stretch beforehand I can usually walk around twice before I start hurting too much. When I get home, I ice my hip and back. The point is that I am starting to move my body on a regular basis. This may not sound like much but to me it’s a large hurdle I am overcoming.

What have I noticed? I feel good. Physically, the fresh air and sunshine make me feel reborn. My blood is pumping, the endorphins are flowing. Mentally, I am encouraged by the progress I am making. Instead of sitting at home wallowing in self-pity I am taking steps to improve my life, both figuratively and literally. The ability to walk around my neighborhood, despite its hidden nature, without suffering from anxiety attacks is encouraging. I know this is something that I can credit the dog with. My goal is to keep doing what I can to improve my physical health and in turn my mental health.

For those of you interested, there is an app sponsored by the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) called “Move! Coach”. The app is free and doesn’t require you to create an account or be a veteran. You can track your food intake, exercise, and weight. There are guides that can teach you things about weight loss. The app is pretty cool.

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