Inherently Selfish?

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With Bipolar Disorder (BD) are we more inherently selfish? I have spoken with some fellow BD friends and we realized we have all been called selfish or self-centered. Is this a quality we share because of BD or just our nature?

BD requires constant self-monitoring. We can’t let our guard down or miss our medication without running the risk of relapsing into the ups and downs of our disorder. This makes us pay more attention to ourselves, but do we do that at the forfeit of paying attention to others. Does this make us selfish and self-centered or just devoted to our selfcare?

As for me, I know I can be selfish and self-centered. I don’t always think of how my behavior will affect those around me. If I am hungry and make myself a sandwich without asking if anyone else would like one is a good example. Sometimes I just view it as being independent minded and taking care of myself while at other times I think I don’t consider others enough. So the question I ask you as someone who is Bipolar or a family member or friend of someone who is: do you find those with BD to be selfish or self-centered? If so, why do you think this is? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I think we can be selfish when we are first dealing with the symptoms of the condition without being aware of it. I’ve had BP 24 years and am now much more conscious of those around me. It’s important to reach that place for the sake of relationships. Experience counts for a lot. (John)

    • Great point. I think being empathetic towards others is important too. Yes, we are selfish in pursuit of our well being but we need to also be considerate of others and how our BP affects them.

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