Bipolar and Gun Control

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*Warning* This may be a possible trigger conversation for some people.

Gun control has become a hop topic as of late. With the school shootings it seems like everyone is looking for more gun control. The thing is, in most cases, it isn’t law abiding citizens that are committing crimes. There is a history of mental illness with those who are law abiding citizens who commit these crimes. This is where my question comes into play. Are those with mental illness capable of owning legal weapons safety?

I can see both sides of the argument on this topic. Those with mental health issues are seen as unstable and have the potential to flip on a dime to a violent cycle. Perhaps someone with bipolar could deem it a sign from God during a manic cycle that they should assassinate someone for the betterment of mankind. For most people, owning a weapon is about self-protection, past times (hunting, shooting, etc), and their choice to exercise their rights to own a weapon in a free country. So how do we proceed without infringing on the rights of this country’s citizens?

I have bipolar. Do I want to hurt people in my manic or depressive states? No. Do I like to shoot weapons? Yes. Shooting helps me to relax and clear my head. I was in the military and found shooting to be something I am good at and it calms me. Should I be allowed to own a gun knowing I have bipolar disorder? I think so. There are people who shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. People who have violent intentions towards others. People with sociopathic behaviors and other mental illness that leaves them with the desire to hurt others or inflict pain. This should be a red flag to their doctors and therapists.

In the cases of Sandy Hook and the Parkland, FL shooting the shooters were known to have issues and people called to report them to officials. Nothing was done. These people showed warning signs that people were picking up on and still nothing was done by those who are supposed to protect us. I hear the cries of the children who are just seeking help from adults and parents. I don’t believe more gun control is the issue. I think getting help for those with mental illness is the bigger issue. Looking for warning signs is necessary. Getting the guns out of the hands of criminals is key. However, simply looking to make it harder for weapon owners to get and keep their guns won’t really solve the problem. With the amount of gun owners in the country if guns were truly the issue it would be more then apparent. Gun owners aren’t the devil. Guns are objects used by people to do good or evil.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue.


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