Diet and Natural Health Remedies for Bipolar

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Is there a natural way to treat Bipolar Disorder (BPD)? That is a big question. Yes, there are things out there that can help with the symptoms. Medication may not be what you need. Talk therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and support groups may be enough to get you through your cycles. If that is the case I commend you! How wonderful that must be. That isn’t the answer for me an many of the 5.7 million people out there battling to handle BD on the daily.

Let’s look at diet. Carbohydrates are essential to life. Sugar spikes are not. We are bombarded with food all day, every day. Quick meals, fast-food, processed foods, and bread that is made with sugar (what?). These foods are great for comfort, but they cause our blood sugar to spike and crash throughout the day. No wonder many of us are obese, battling metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. We need to eat to live. My life became better when I started limiting processed food. I eat a protein with every meal/snack. I eat fresh veggies and fruit. It takes a lot of advanced planning but it’s worth it. Find what works for you. I know my sugar highs cause a mild mania that then crashes into a mild depression. All because I wanted to cupcake? It isn’t worth it to me anymore. Being balanced and healthy is something I want for my life. My whole life from here on out. I am currently trying to lose weight and get healthy. I am preparing for a future depressive state where all I do is crave carbs I have a food plan in place that lets me enjoy some carbs without overdoing it and gaining weight back.

Holistic treatment of BD covers a lot of plants and supplements a person can take that may help them manage symptoms and deal with their cycles as they come.

Valerian Root – Traditionally used to aid sleep this plant calms the nerves and induces sleep. This is great for depressive states. Placing a few drops in tea at times of depression can help soothe nerves. This oil smells like feet so I recommend using mint leaves in your tea to cover the smell.

Ginseng – Great for panic attacks and times of lethargy. Make it into a tea, eat it raw, or take it in capsule form to aid with energy without jitters.

Passion Flower – Used to sedate and tranquilize this flower helps balance neurotransmitters. Take it with a lot of water to prevent digestive issues.

Ginkgo – This go to helps elevate mood without side effects. Take in a tea or capsule form.

Flax Seed Oil – Used to treat depression and soothe nerves this oil also has Omega properties that our brains need. Take a capsule in the morning on an empty stomach.

Liquorice Powder – This stimulates the production of hormones found in the brain while calming the nervous system. Mix the powder in with boiling water. It is slightly sweet and makes for a good drink hot or cold.

Salvia Divinorum – Salvia can induce depressive states in those with BPD however this can be used to help bring someone down to normal from a manic state. This member of the sage family is generally smoked. I do not recommend this, but I wanted to list it here for information sake.

Cannabis – There are two types of Cannabis. Sativa which generally brings out an energetic and creative state in people. Then there is Indica which usually helps people calm down and just relax. Both types could be used to support those with BPD. Sativa for the depressive states and Indica for the manic states. There is risk of psychosis, hallucinations, and dependency. Not too mention this drug is recreationally illegal in most states, though growing medicinal marijuana is becoming more and more widespread. This is a personal decision that you must make. For some it helps and for others is causes more issues then they are already facing.

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