Discussing Bipolar with Doctors Today

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Today, I had an appointment with my pain mgmt doctor about the improvements I have seen since I started on a low carb diet, getting treated for a systemic yeast infection (common in those with mental illness), taking supplements faithfully, and the other avenues we have been exploring for pain mgmt. First off, I have to tell you I have the best pain mgmt doctor. He has the heart of a healer and makes you feel valued as a patient which is hard to find these days, let alone in pain mgmt. I was excited to give him a positive update on my current status. It gives me hope after over a decade of dealing with chronic pain and no one caring enough to look at the particulars of my situation. My doctor has gotten me involved in physical therapy, chiropractic work, medication, and acupuncture. He has done more for me in 2mths then I have had in the previous 11 years. When I say I am thankful for my doctor I mean it whole heartedly. After leaving his office I felt encouraged about the future in reference to pain. I shared this blog with him in hopes it might help him understand me better and help another patient.

Then I was off to my therapy session. What a good session it was too. My husband and I have been steadily working on things since I have been so balanced the last few weeks. We have really broken some good ground and it’s encouraging. We don’t argue and aren’t always in a panicked fight or flight mode. Together we are facing a lot of battles together instead of him handling them while I was in my depressed state and unable to handle much at all. Finally, he has his partner back. Even if I am secretly waiting for the shoe to drop and me dip back into a depressed state. My med cocktail is right where it should be for now and what a difference that has had on everything. I am contributing to my life instead of just being a spectator. I am not manic but feel like I used to many, many years ago when I was naturally more stable. Simple battles like waking up early to face the day are being won. I am encouraged!

I still struggle with significant anxiety. An agreement my pain doctor and I have is that I will not use any type of benzo’s while under his care. This means dealing with anxiety and panic attacks on my own. A difficult thing to do especially when they can be so crippling. I had one about 2wks ago that had me vomiting from the sheer intensity of it. It took a while (nearly 24hrs) to calm down and be able to rejoin my family but in the end, I handled it on my own without medication. That is a step in the right direction. Do you have anxiety? What coping methods have you found to work during attacks?

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